Shabnam Gupta



Parineeti Chopra:

Working with Shabnam was like working with a friend! She is the coolest and most positive person with a heart of gold. Add that, to unbeatable world class talent and you have a house of your dreams!!

Kangana Ranut:

I gave Shabnam carte blanche, except for the timber ceiling in the living room, which I took a picture of in New York, and sent to her. I trusted her with everything.

Irrfan Khan:

I told Shabnam I wanted a house wherein, when you enter the house from the noise outside, I want that it changes your mindset. It brings you in; also a water body was a must for me! The outcome was exactly as I wanted!

Studio Pepperfry:

I would like to express my lovely experience working with Shabnam Gupta and The Orange Lane team. They’ve been task masters from the day we started rolling out our ideas. The passion Shabnam works with which carries forward within the team is beautifully astonishing. It surprises you, as to how they make things so complicated; look so simple, clean and organic.

The Bar Stock Exchange:

Shabnam is a creative visionary and has this unique ability to imagine spaces and translate them into a balance of usability and design. I wish her the very best always.

Precision Pipes India LTD. :

Converting an industrial office space into an eco-friendly environment is a challenge that only The Orange Lane can pull off.

Talwalkar’s - Home owner:

You have transformed this space from a brick and mortar bungalow; to a place we can proudly call our home.

Shubra Garg – Home Owner:

There are many design firms in Mumbai, but what’s truly exceptional about The Orange Lane is Shabnam Gupta. Her stunning sensibilities along with her eclectic ideas that actually work. We love our home and it’s not only the big elements that make it what it is, but tiny attention to the details. We wish Shabnam and the team the very best for future endeavours.

Satyani - Jewellery Store:

Creatively brilliant and technically very sound, a very important combination which has been the key to making Shabnam one of the best interior designers in our country. It is the immense faith and confidence we have in Shabnam and the entire team at The Orange Lane that helps us get through our projects smoothly, without any hiccups. Best wishes always.

Neelam & Prem Sagar – Home Owner:

It was wonderful being a part of the process along with The Orange Lane and experience them convert bricks, cement and mortar into a home where an individual spends quality time with their loved ones.

Mitesh Rangras- Restaurateur:

It was a pleasurable experience; the process was smooth and enjoyable being a part of the transformation.

Ganga Kadakia- Artist

Shabnam’s strength lies in the way she converts a layout into a dream space. Her sense of introducing nature into a home is a gift.

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