Shabnam Gupta


The Orange Lane

Great design speaks volumes. Shabnam gives it voice.

Booming with ideas for an evolving design landscape, Shabnam wanted to open up her artistic vision and let the world embrace it. Driven by her passion for design and encouraged by her strong entrepreneurial spirit, Shabnam Gupta set out on a path that redefined her identity.

The Orange Lane was born in the year 2003 and has now grown by leaps and bounds into a force to reckon with. A design firm that undertakes interior design projects, it is also a home to holistic design solutions. Today Orange Lane has a repertoire dotted with various esteemed projects across the country that vary from farmhouses and residential projects to corporate, hospitality, and retail with clients ranging from corporate honchos to businessmen.

The Orange Lane leverages on its principal designer Shabnam Gupta and her trusted team of designers to create chic yet artistic interiors while carving out a niche for those with good taste and diverse design sensibilities. This pursuit of the ‘different’ organically led Shabnam towards her next big creation- a reservoir of offbeat furniture and quirky décor, Peacock Life by Shabnam Gupta, along with a plethora of awards.

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