Shabnam Gupta


Shabnam Gupta

A designer by profession, a thinker by habit, and an inventor by choice

The brain behind some of the most prestigious projects and offbeat interiors across India, Shabnam Gupta has created, over some stellar years, spaces that are best described as iconic. But the one role she proudly owns and has grown to love is that of a storyteller par excellence.

The genesis

An award-winning interior designer, Shabnam started out small with her big dreams in tow. But clarity has always been her forte. Be it in her arresting design and interiors now, or at the tender age of 16 when it was clear to her that she was destined for design. A spectacular journey later, her incredible body of work that includes interiors, styling, and decor for celebrity homes, popular restaurant chains or even stand-out individual spaces, speaks for itself. And it speaks of the visual delights she has created, the originality that flourishes through her design and how she is intent on creating timeless stories, one exclusive and artistically endowed space, at a time.

The homage

A flower child at heart, Shabnam has always found peace in the unconventional and a method to the madness of passionate design. She credits her muse, Mother Nature, for this unique line of thinking and unabashed creativity. By combining traditional symbolism and visual elements, Shabnam Gupta mixes and matches an earthy palette with a contemporary soul that’s laced with a rustic edge. All of which is generously interspersed with bursts of refreshing colours to recreate a design aesthetic that has now come to be known as signature Shabnam Gupta

The foreword

When it comes to Shabnam, everything leads to a new beginning. Like when she conceived, from a scratch, the verdant vacation home in Goa as an ode to Mother Nature or when she moulded, through her idiosyncratic style, the rebellious, rustic, fluid and lavish home of Irrfan Khan. Hailed as a residential masterpiece by experts and connoisseurs alike, it has gone ahead to become the most talked about piece of property in the context of luxury living. More recently, Shabnam has scaled the peaks of success, almost literally, with her gorgeously eccentric interiors for Kangana Ranaut’s majestic mountain retreat. But her design has never been limited to just celebrity homes. From the remarkably edgy interiors of Bar Stock Exchange to nonpareil farmhouses, from the hand-painted walls at the earthy Tanjore Tiffin Room to the intimate and millennial-friendly space of Viman Nagar Socials, and from award-winning apartments to memorable retail outlets like Pepperfry and more, Shabnam Gupta lends her distinctive style to every space she has touched, crafting a poem out of it, in her one-of-a-kind design style.

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