Shabnam Gupta

The Butler and The Bay Leaf

In the city, that is home to individuals that connect to it from its architecture to history to the magical feeling of all dreams coming true, sits our attempt to recreate one such dream-The Butler & the Bay leaf.

The Butler & Bay Leaf is more than just a restaurant, it’s a Journey. A journey that retraces events that unfolded during the evolution of Bombay to Mumbai. The entire design revels around these memories. Memories of an old British home that housed gatherings wherein the love for authentic Indian home cooked meals were celebrated.

Reminiscing this essence of time, the butler and Bay leaf sits in the heart of Juhu. The open flow of the restaurant has a sense of familiarity. Maybe makes you think of your grandmother’s home that has been refurbished to a restaurant today?

The Butler and the Bay Leaf design comes straight from the heart. A perfect blend of a British mind and an Indian soul. The sense of familiarity to this space for each one of us arises from all the stories we have heard at bedtime from our grandparents, of an era that was.


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