Shabnam Gupta

The Tanjore Tiffin Room Bandra

Remember the feeling of opening your lunch box during break and having an impromptu potluck with your gang!! Tanjore Tiffin Room aims to evoke that feeling in you today, forming the brief of the restaurant. Keeping this in mind we have designed the space in a distinctive manner. Home-cooked authentic food made with grandma’s secret recipes.

The design vibe of the restaurant is an amalgamation of eclectic & casual family friendly dining ambience. A variety of seating arrangements ranging from cosy 2-seater table units, to long-running sofas to accommodate a larger group of guests, makes the venue a versatile one in terms of it’s hosting capacity. Quirky mood lighting, Antique furniture and shades of pastels tying the place together in a poetic way.

The entrance staircase wall is painted with deep terracotta colour in distressed wash. It has aalas scooped out of the wall with diyas to lighten the space and create major drama. The main door is made in a panelled design using wood and glass with a distressed white polish to give it an antique look. Printed patterned cement flooring around the whole space in a neutral tone, few areas have off white in-situ with broken handmade tiles.

Large, expansive metal windows is treated with discerningly material and off-white tone to evolve into a stylized upbeat hangout that succeeds in surprising the visitors. Walls are in neutral Powder Blue tone but have been accented with murals, intricate artwork & elements that exude bright hues. Customized furniture, lights, floor and ceiling add warmth and a touch of the classical. A long wall is decorated with neatly framed black and white, early 19th century studio-style photographs of the owners’ family, bringing a sense of intimacy to the space.

Tanjore Tiffin Room’s earthy palette — is a seasoned curator of colours and textures. It's about creating something that comes across as a playful blend of elements, unafraid to be unconventional & its own kind of beautiful. An intriguing coalition of hues, textures & patterns renders the food studio its sense of identity. A space that has a bold design persona & an inviting presence in its context.

And while Tanjore Tiffin Room encompasses all these key design elements, it’s got a unique sensibility that immediately screams ‘south Indian’ without being campy. Real, Homely, Tamil Fare; And that, in a nutshell, is what Tanjore Tiffin Room is all about.


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